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online casino playing tips

online casino relies on other players not knowing your hand. Although other players cannot see your hand, the way you react can give them a lot of information. Now you might be wondering how this thing applies in online poker. Let’s take for instance poker played in casinos. Suppose a player is dealt a nice hand the chances are he or she will look at the cards and smile, raise eyebrows or constantly looks at his or her own cards, enough to tell your opponents that you have a nice hand.

In online poker you can do the same mistake by suddenly placing a huge bet. If you always double the stakes when you have a good hand it Tara Matka will soon be noted by other players. Always take you time and re-think don’t act too quickly. Now the chances are good players will notice this and probably fold, meaning that your good hand will win you very little money.

You need to develop a betting strategy which will maximize your winnings and minimize your losses. Your betting strategy needs to be varied so other players can’t predict your hand. Always pay attention, watch and see who the aggressive/loose players are and who the tight players are. Take your time; keep an eye on how the betting has gone and what your opponents might have. Try not to stick to one style of playing. The most successful poker players are those who are totally unpredictable.

One biggest mistake beginners make is staying every time they have an ace in their hand. No doubt aces are the highest card, but remember ace alone cannot give you a winning hand. High card is the lowest possible winning hand combination. It is wise to stay if you have another card of the same suit or a ten or higher with it.

Now what to do before the flop? I think its worth to stay with any pair, consecutive cards of the same suit, such as 9, 8 or 6, 5 and fairly high cards of the same suit, such as J, 9. Finally, if you think the community cards are not helping you after the flop then you must fold immediately.

Always be aware of everyone’s chip count. Remember in no-limit games players can bet all of their chips at any time. So, a mistake can knock you out. Keep notes on yourself and also on other players who you play frequently. You can go through the notes and work out a strategy against each player. It also helps you keep track of your performances and learn from your mistakes. Periodically analyzing your notes will tell you whether your betting strategy is affective, if not how can you alter your strategy to compensate and will also make you aware of your weaknesses.

Beginner poker starting hands

Most new players are curious about what kind of strategy to adopt to become a profitable poker player. Like what kind of hands to stay before the flop, after the flop, what are the pot odds, possibilities, should I bluff or chase a hand and many more. But one of the most important things to remember when you are new at tables is to be aggressive and play tight.

Now what does this mean? You must play strong hands at first and fold when you don’t have at least 50% chance of winning the hand. Don’t chase draws. Players will think you play weak and try to run over you. But this works in your favor when you have a strong hand and loose players bet and raise often on their weak hands.

On the other hand a loose player might fold when you raise on a strong hand. A few more times and they think you are bluffing quite often. But once you win a big pot they won’t play to a showdown against you. So, playing initially like these requires patience, observation of your opponents, concentration and avoid playing when beat.

Now let’s see what the best starting hands are in poker? They are AA, AK suited, KK and QQ. Why, because the average winning percentage of these hands are around 31, 20, 26 and 22 respectively. All these hands deserve raise of around 4 times the table’s higher limit.

Other starting hands after the above four are JJ, AQ, KQ suited, AJ suited, KJ suited, TT and AK off-suit. The winning percentage of these hands is around 19, 18, low 18’s, 17, low 17’s, 16 and low 16’s. But remember KQ suited, AJ suited, KJ suited and AK can be easily beaten if the flop does not help you. That’s why even being pocket face cards, as being said as one of the best starting hands have a low winning percentage.

Again this is what mike sexton had to say regarding starting hands, pairs (7-7, 9-9), two face cards (K-Q, A-J), or hands that can make both a straight and a flush (8-9, 6-7 suited). Be patient and fold other hands, unless you’re in the blind. Finally remember Texas holdem is a showdown game and majority of winning hands are high pairs.


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