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Kranjcar resuelve el Satta result

Tomas sustituirá a Robert Kovac en la zaga

Stjepan Tomas será el reemplazo para el sancionado Robert Kovac en el centro de la zaga croata, mientras que Igor Tudor quedará en su posición del centrocampista defensivo, ha anunciado el seleccionador croata Zlatko Kranjcar.

Dario Simic, el nuevo recordman en el número de Satta result presencias en la selección croata con 82 presencias, retrasará un poco su posición y actuará de libre.

* Pendientes de si mismos…y de Japón

Después del empate con Japón, Croacia no desespera ya que ni siquiera una victoria por la mínima ante los niponeses le habría liberado del imperativo de ganar a Australia.

Por otro lado, un sencillo 1-0 contra los “hermanos” australianos podría bastarle a los adriáticos ya que es difícil esperar que Japón gane a Brasil por dos o más goles de diferencia.

Australia por otro lado se clasificará ganando o empatando si Japón no supera por dos o más goles a Brasil – algo poco probable aunque los pentacampeones ya se han clasificado para los octavos.

One man and his log

One man and his log

Sunday 18th June Mannheim. Leipzig

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The Germans take great pride in announcing games as “ausverkauft” and in the press they state this along with the attendance for their Bundesliga games. FIFA seem determined to announce that this World Cup is a resounding success and will point to the highest ever % attendance to back up their point. (Surely the Costa Rica v Poland game will not be fully attended as it clashes with the Germany v Ecuador game and a lot of Poles have already gone home.)

But the damage has been done. Allocating more tickets to sponsors than the competing teams has alienated the real fans and the atmosphere is Indian Matka suffering. The difficulty supporters have encountered in obtaining tickets has left a bad taste when they see the empty seats.

Regularly after the half time interval vast banks of seats can be seen empty as those in corporate hospitality do their best to get value for money as they gorge themselves on freebies. How long is it before FIFA announce that the half time break will be extended to allow hospitality guests to get through 3 courses before the second half can resume?

The news that 1,700 tickets were not returned by sponsors for one game resulted in a message to be sent out asking for all sponsors to ensure that any unused tickets they have are returned in order that they can be resold.

As a result of this I am aware that at the Togo v Switzerland game an employee of a German sports shoes company sold 25 tickets outside the stadium at face value. Actions like this are too little and too late.